What cookies does Plan✕ use?

Plan✕ uses Cookies. These are small data files that are installed on your device when you access a website, allowing it to recognise your device again in future, store your progress and store information about your use of the service. 

Some of these cookies are classified as  ‘essential’ cookies, in that they are necessary to make the service work. Others are classified as ‘non-essential’, and are installed only with your consent. 

Essential Cookies

All the cookies that Plan✕ uses are places there by third party services that we use to support the platform. The services we use that deploy essential cookies are:

We currently use Cloudflare to manage access and traffic, to make Plan✕ faster and more stable, and to keep it secure (for example by protecting it from DDoS attacks). This service will log data such as your IP address. Those logs are erased after a very short period of time (typically 4 hours). We do not allow Cloudflare to share this data for any purpose besides providing us with this service. 

Please note that if you clear your cookie cache, you may lose your progress on any Plan✕ enquiries you were making.

Non-essential Cookies

We also use some ‘non-essential’ cookies. If in use, these are installed on the basis of consent, which you will be asked for the first time you use Plan✕. You can withdraw this consent if you wish using cookie settings (coming soon). The services we use that deploy non-essential cookies are:

Google Analytics

From time to time we may use an analytics service such as Google Analytics. This uses cookies to store information such as what pages you visit whilst on Plan✕, how long you are on the site, how you got here, what you click on, and information about what web browser you are using. We do not collect User IDs (a ‘pseudonymized‘ version of your IP address), so no personal data is involved in the use of this cookie. We do not allow Google to use or share our analytics data for any purpose besides providing us with analytics information

Some council’s instances will also currently use HotJar to allow users to give feedback on the content and functionality of Plan✕. This includes tracking your activity whilst on Plan✕. 

The cookie uses only part of your IP address (not sufficient to identify you) to create a unique, masked identifier, so Hotjar can keep track of returning visitors without relying on any personal information. If you provide feedback, any information you have entered into Plan✕ itself is masked out, so it cannot be seen. 

All feedback can be provided anonymously, and we would ask that you do not include your name or any contact details in any feedback you leave. If you do so, that information will be removed. 

We only use these ‘non-essential’ services for one reason: to help planners improve the information provided on Plan✕, and to help us improve the platform itself.


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