Cookies policy

Cookies are files that are saved on your device when you access a website, allowing it to recognise your device again in future, store your progress and store information about your use of the service. 

Some of these cookies are classified as  ‘essential’ cookies, in that they are necessary to make the service work. These always need to be on. Others are ‘non-essential’. These are used only with your consent, but without them certain features will not work.

Essential Cookies

The services we use that deploy essential cookies are:

We currently use Cloudflare to manage access and traffic, to make Plan✕ faster and more stable, and to keep it secure (for example by protecting it from attacks). This service will log data such as your IP address. Those logs are erased after a very short period of time (typically 4 hours or less). We do not allow Cloudflare to share this data for any purpose besides providing us with this service. 

Non-essential Cookies

We also use some ‘non-essential’ cookies. If in use, these are installed on the basis of consent, which you will be asked for the first time you use Plan✕. You can withdraw this consent if you wish using cookie settings.

The services we use that deploy non-essential cookies are:

Feedback fish 
We use Feedback Fish to provide the ‘feedback’ feature.