Your privacy when using Plan✕ 

Plan✕ is run by Open Systems Lab on behalf of your Local Planning Authority to handle planning information. This sometimes includes handling personal data (such as your name, your address etc). Plan✕ is not the controller of this data, it acts only as a processor, acting under instruction from your local planning authority. 

This Privacy Policy explains how we process any personal data you provide via Plan✕. 

To find out more about how your Local Planning Authority ultimately uses any personal data you provide to them via Plan✕, please refer to their Privacy Notice, their website, or contact them directly.

Who is involved

For the purposes of personal data covered by Data Protection Legislation, the Local Planning Authority is the Data Controller and Open Systems Lab is the Processor.

Open Systems Lab may also use sub-processors in order to provide third party services such as hosting, security, testing, feedback and analytics, provided those services are consistent with the terms of this policy.

Any personal data you provide will usually relate to the applicant, and any agents acting on behalf of the applicant.  Either or both of these may be the user of the platform. In some exceptional cases, it may also refer to other individuals relevant to a planning enquiry or submission.

What personal data we may process

When you or an agent acting on your behalf uses Plan✕, there are different kinds of personal data that may be collected:

Information about the applicant and their agents provided by the user e.g
Email address
Telephone number
Relationship with the property and/or application
The address and location of the property in question if it is also your home

User / device data Your login email address / ID
Your device IP address

What we do with this information

We may do any of the following with this data:  collect it, store it, structure it, classify it, organise it, adapt it, retrieve it, analyse it, encrypt it, combine it with other data, transmit it, display it or otherwise make it available (including for example via a secure interface, a report or an API), and ultimately erase it. These activities may be done by automated or manual means.

We will never use your personal information for purposes of marketing or advertising.

Who sees this information, when and why

Automated enquiries
For the large part, when you use Plan✕ to make an automated enquiry but do not submit any enquiry, submission or report to your Local Planning Authority, that individual enquiry will not be seen by Planning Officers. It may however be collected to provide generalised usage analytics to Planning Officers.

Shared / submitted enquiries
The contents of any Plan✕ enquiry or submission you submit to your Local Planning Authority, whether through Plan✕ itself, or by sharing a link or PDF output with them will be seen by them, and will be handled by them according to the terms of their Privacy Notice.

No-one else views any of the personal information you provide, unless you share it with them.

Device IP addresses Please note that your device IP address is only ever collected and used by our subprocessors in order to operate the platform and keep it secure, and it is only retained for a short period of time.

Analytics to improve the platform
Your personal data is not used as part of analytics to improve the Plan✕ platform.

Other data sharing
We will not share your personal data with anyone except your Local Planning Authority, except where they are a sub-processor operating under the same terms of confidentiality, or we are required to do so by law. 

Our employees
In the event that you encounter a problem while you are using Plan✕, and request help or provide feedback, it is possible that our admin team may see some of the personal data you provide. Our team have been trained to keep the same high levels of confidentiality set out in this policy.

No one will ever see your password, and you should never reveal your password to anyone.

Retention policies

We will not retain copies of any personal data for any longer than instructed by your Local Planning Authority: up to 6 years. 

Device IP addresses are usually erased after only a few minutes, or maximum 1 week.

However, please note that your local planning authority is likely to retain information you submit to them for longer than this. For further information on this we recommend referring to your Local Planning Authority’s privacy notice or contacting them directly.

Communications opt-out

Plan✕ will never send you emails except:

– When you explicitly request one, for example when signing up to the service, requesting access, or contacting us.

– To provide you with notifications during your use the service.

If at any time you receive an email from us and wish to stop receiving any emails or notifications in future, please contact us or use the ‘unsubscribe’ button in the email, or notification settings provided.

How we protect personal information

We protect personal information by using reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

Your right to complain

If you wish to object, or request that your data be deleted, you should contact the Data Controller (your Local Planning Authority) who will instruct us on how to proceed.

If you believe that we, as a processor, have mishandled your personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Controller or the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can report a concern here (but please do contact us first, so we can try to address your complaint first).


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