A simple, seamless public interface.

Plan✕ provides a single point of access for planning enquiries to a council’s website, allowing applicants to self-triage their project, checking whether their proposal requires planning permission, and if so, identifying issues in advance of making an application. This automated report can be submitted to councils, allowing officers to instantly assess an enquiry or application.

Be lazy like a fox.

Plan✕ comes with national guides such as General Permitted Development already built-in. If they change, your domain will receive updates automatically. You’ll also be able to copy guides written by other councils.

More power to planners.

Behind the scenes, the rules that Plan✕ uses are not powered by an unaccountable ‘AI’. The digital policy guides (or ‘flows’) are written and controlled by planning authorities themselves as flowcharts. The Editor interface allows planning teams to continuously analyse and improve their policy guides. This puts planners and policymakers in control, ensuring they get the data and the planning outcomes they want, whilst giving citizens the clarity they need.