The problem with planning

Preparing a planning application is a complicated, confusing process. You need to search through multiple websites and policy documents to find the information then understand the relevant parts. More than half of all applicants make a mistake, resulting in their application being invalid or refused. It is a frustrating and opaque process for applicants, and it puts a huge work burden on councils.

How Plan✕ solves it
Plan✕ is a digital planning guide for Councils. You tell it where you are and what you’d like to do, and it brings all the relevant information to you. It even let’s you check whether the proposal complies with local planning policies before you submit. The result: a simpler, more transparent planning process, for everyone.

‘Plan✕ not only tackles the long tail of simple-but-costly household planning applications, but also begins to show us the outline of a new way of doing planning.’
– Stefan Webb, Future Cities Catapult

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